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Picture: Dennis J. Christensen

Dennis J. Christensen
Attorney at Law

Picture: Shelly K. All

Shelly K. All
Attorney at Law

We at Dennis Christensen, P.A. can show you how to use the legal system to your advantage and how to avoid the pitfalls and small print that trips up many in their time of need. We will be your attorney, your counselor, and your knowledgeable friend as you seek out the best solutions possible for some of life’s most important decisions.

Though many of our clients contact us when they are in crisis, are overwhelmed with making end-of-life decisions, or are feeling the pressure of caring for a loved one, we strongly encourage our clients to contact us before the crisis occurs. The sooner legal advice is sought, the more options a person has.

Our clients are typical of the millions of people who are trying to deal with the problems facing our aging citizens. They’ve worked hard, planned for their future, and done everything they are supposed to do. Now, often suddenly, all of the issues surrounding their long-term disability threaten to overwhelm them.

When death, a long-term disability, or a health crisis befalls a beloved family member, the family doesn’t have to be alone. Dennis Christensen has been practicing Elder Law since 1993 and opened Dennis Christensen, P.A. in 1996. Since then, we have been the champions of those families facing the long-term disability or the loss of a loved one. We work to help preserve families’ resources by developing estate plans and strategies that extend our clients’ assets and by helping our clients qualify for available public benefits.


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